We are so grateful to our friends, family and sponsors for your constant support.  You are the reason we can make moments like this possible!
We would like to especially thank an organization that supports us year after year.  The Notorious Krewe of Peg Leg Pirates is  always such a huge source of encouragement and support.  We are forever grateful for their friendship.



In August 2019, we journeyed to the Antigua clinic to continue providing services to the resident children at the Hermano Pedro facility.  We were able to build and provide braces for 10 more children.  While it was definitely an accomplishment, the facility holds nearly 300 children.  We always leave feeling defeated that we could not do more.  But the amount of good we do each year with very little resources is truly miraculous.
Take a look at our photos from this trip and thank you for all of your love and support!


In June, 2019, The FOOT Foundation again traveled to Guatemala City.  The waiting room was full by 7:00 am and we worked many hours to make sure all of the children (and even some adults) were cared for.  Their smiles make all the work so worthwhile!  
Our friend Mike Traina joined us again to provide his artistic talent.  To make the visits a little nicer for the kids, Mike sketched and painted amazing scenes on the walls of the patient rooms.  You should have seen the kids light up when they saw the bright colors and fun characters.  Thank you Mike for donating your time and talent to improving lives.  You are a real treasure!
Thank you to everyone who continues to support us. Without you, none of this would be possible.  Please view the photos to the right to see more!


In February, 2019, The FOOT Foundation was able to provide helping hands to many children at our Antigua clinic.  The days were long but the smiles make up for the hours of work!  
Two of our Foundation friends decided to make this trip with us.  Ludi and Lissette gave their time, talent and treasure to lend a much needed helping hand to many children at our clinic hospital.  They worked harder than ever imagined, and left feeling lighter on their feet!  It is amazing how a simple act of charity can give you such joy and renewed spirit. 
This was also our son Giovanni's first trip to Antigua.  After proving himself at our city clinic last year, he welcomed the challenge to join us again.  View the photos to the right to see our fruitful trip.   We can't wait to see them all again in the fall.


In July, 2018, The FOOT Foundation completed another successful clinic in Guatemala.  We worked many hours, but the smiles more than made up for it!  
View the photos to the left to see our amazing trip.  We are always so grateful to see these sweet children and wonderful, giving families.   
This trip was special because our 12 year-old son made his first trip with us.  It has been a wish that he would be interested in continuing our Foundation's Mission and Legacy.  He was an amazing addition and worked so hard to improve the lives of many children.  I hope he continues to join us for many years to come!


It was a dream nearly 10 years in the making.  In 2017, The FOOT Foundation finally opened a second clinic located in Antigua, Guatemala.  There are so many children in the area who need our services.  We proudly held our inaugural clinic in May, 2018.
View the photos to the left to see our amazing trip.  We are so grateful to our friends, family and sponsors for your constant support.  You are the reason we can make moments like this possible!



In September, 2017, The FOOT Foundation completed a terrific clinic in Guatemala.  We worked nearly 100 hours over 6 days.  We returned home physically exhausted, but our hearts were full.  
View the photos to the left to see our amazing trip.  We are always so thankful to meet these wonderful, giving families.  They are the reason we work so hard each year.  
We are so grateful to our friends, family and sponsors for your constant support.  You are the reason we can make moments like this possible!

This precious boy took his first steps.  It's hard not to feel his excitement with that amazing smile!  Watch him go!

We are excited to announce that our SECOND clinic, located in Antigua, Guatemala, is now complete.  We spent a few days here during our trip to get everything ready to go.  Our first clinic will take place in May, 2018!  Please click on the photo below to see this beautiful facility.


We always work hard to collect gently used medical parts, supplies to help us serve a greater population.  We also take new socks and shoes so that children who wear orthotic braces and prosthetics have a much more successful experience using these devices.  This year was very special as we were able to pass down 2 items that were used by our son.  

At 5 years old, our son walked into the shoe store and picked out a pair of sneakers with flames on them.  He called them his spicy shoes!  It was the first pair of shoes he picked out himself, and his orthotic braces fit nicely.  We were able to pass down these special shoes to a very special boy in Guatemala.  We have watched him grow over the past 5 years, and this is the 4th set of prosthetics we have created for him.  Click on the video above to watch him walk with his new set of legs...and his spicy shoes!

Our son began using his first walker at 16 months old with his first set of orthotic braces.  He used it to zip around on his own, and LOVED IT!.  This year, his walker went to a sweet little girl who was eager to move freely with her new orthotics.  Click on the video below to see this special moment..

We love seeing our previous patients for check-ups or new devices.  Each year, watching them grow with strength and confidence is incredibly rewarding. Please watch these videos to see just a few of the reasons why we continue our work to Improve Lives, One Person At A Time!


In June, 2016, The FOOT Foundation completed another successful clinic in Guatemala.  Our team worked nearly 70 hours in 4 days, from dawn until well after dusk each day.
View the pictures to the left to see how rewarding this time was.  Again, we were honored and humbled by the beautiful gifts and love poured out by families who have so little.  
We are thankful to our friends, family and sponsors for your constant support.  You are the reason we can make moments like this possible!

This sweet little girl received braces last year.  She cried non-stop, and was not excited about walking.  Well, this year was a completely different story.  Watch her proudly show off her stride for the camera!

We were honored to receive a visit from the

First Lady of Guatemala.  She was so grateful

for a tour and was able to meet some of our

amazing patients.  She was very emotional

when she thanked us for the good works we are doing for the children of her country.  She vowed to continue providing any government support we need and presented us with Certificates of Recognition.

This young lady was not originally on my clinic schedule. She heard we were in the country and waited to see me. I added her on and made leg braces. When they returned to pick them up, they brought these handmade items. 

I was so moved by their kindness and gratitude. We were able to see pictures of the weaving   process.  It took   the entire week to finish!

We visited the construction site for the new children's hospital, Virgen de Socorro, located in Antigua.  The FOOT Foundation will be establishing a second clinic at this facility in 2017.                             


A special thank you to students of the St. Timothy Catholic Church youth group who spent a productive Sunday morning helping our Foundation prepare for June.


On August 22, 2015, The FOOT Foundation completed a terrific clinic in Guatemala, armed with orthotic and prosthetic components, shoes, socks, and of course toys!  We jammed 60 hours of work into just 4 days, returning home with aching backs and sore legs, but FULL HEARTS!  Click on the picture to the right to see more photos.  We were presented with Honorary Diplomas, and received beautiful gifts and meals from thankful parents, who have very little.  These precious tokens will be treasured.  Thank you to everyone for your  constant support.  Without you, successes like this would be impossible!

Watch this sweet little girl's face light up when she realizes she can now walk!

Improving Lives....One Person At A Time!

This boy and his father traveled

more than 7 hours, by foot and

even by horse to reach the FOOT

Foundation clinic.  When we found

out later that they had used all of

their money for the journey and

slept on the street while waiting for his prosthetic to be fabricated, we pooled our extra cash to make sure they had enough for food and to travel back home on the bus.  Watching him walk on his new leg was extra special considering what they went through to reach us this year!

In 2012, we met this precious boy, not even 2 years old.  Now on his third pair of prosthetics, he is hard to keep up with!  Just watch him already walking with his new legs!  He is certainly an inspiration to all of us.




We visited the Children's Hospital the day before our clinic started.  A girl wheeled up to us with a big smile and told us she was smiling because we were going to make her walk again.  Watching her do just that, only 3 days later, was worth every long hour of work!

We would like to thank the Ronald McDonald House in Guatemala for providing The FOOT Foundation clinic with delicious meals, and for a tour of their wonderful facility.  We are excited to form a relationship with such a terrific organization and look forward to working closer with them on future trips.  Click on the picture below to see more!


The FOOT Foundation completed another very successful clinic in Guatemala!  Click on the picture to the right to see photos.  The First Lady and Secretary of Guatemala, as well as SOSEP, also visited the clinic and presented the FOOT Foundation with a special acknowledgement.  We were honored to have these individuals with us.  Thanks to everyone for your constant support.
Improving Lives...One Person At A Time!

These dimples have been capturing the hearts of the FOOT team since 2008. She has such a sweet spirit and has literally grown up before our eyes. I can't think of many things more rewarding than to see these children flourish year after year!

In 2012, this precious boy, not even 2, came into the clinic. Bryan wasn't sure full prosthetics could be accomplished during this trip and told the parents that he may start their son off with beginner prosthetics that he would not be able to walk with. Even though his parents understood the reasons, Bryan could see the parents faces fall. So that night, he took 2 tiny feet that were donated and put his whole self into making that little boy walk. 2 years later, this little one got bigger legs, and a big smile. What a difference The FOOT Team made in this little one's confidence....and FUTURE!

Watch this child take his first steps on his VERY FIRST prosthesis!  His family traveled many hours when they heard that the FOOT Foundation was in Guatemala.  We can't think of a more heartwearming moment for him and his family!



Please click on the picture below to view a slide show of our accomplishments in September, 2012.  We helped over 40 children during this trip!

Listen to this patient's mom express happiness and thanks for the 

FOOT Foundation.

Watch this precious toddler take his first steps with his brand new prosthetic legs.



Please click on the picture to view a slide show of continued our efforts in Guatemala during our 2010 trip.



Please click on the picture below to see a slide show of our inaugural trip to Guatemala.

 The FOOT (Florida O & P Outreach Team) Foundation is a 501(c)3 Public Charity.  All donations are tax deductible.

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