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We are so grateful to our friends, family and sponsors for your constant support.  You are the reason we can make moments like this possible!
We would like to especially thank an organization that supports us year after year.  The Notorious Krewe of Peg Leg Pirates is  always such a huge source of encouragement and support.  We are forever grateful for their friendship.
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In August 2019, we journeyed to the Antigua clinic to continue providing services to the resident children at the Hermano Pedro facility.  We were able to build and provide braces for 10 more children.  While it was definitely an accomplishment, the facility holds nearly 300 children.  We always leave feeling defeated that we could not do more.  But the amount of good we do each year with very little resources is truly miraculous.
Take a look at our photos from this trip and thank you for all of your love and support!


In June, 2019, The FOOT Foundation again traveled to Guatemala City.  The waiting room was full by 7:00 am and we worked many hours to make sure all of the children (and even some adults) were cared for.  Their smiles make all the work so worthwhile!  
Our friend Mike Traina joined us again to provide his artistic talent.  To make the visits a little nicer for the kids, Mike sketched and painted amazing scenes on the walls of the patient rooms.  You should have seen the kids light up when they saw the bright colors and fun characters.  Thank you Mike for donating your time and talent to improving lives.  You are a real treasure!
Thank you to everyone who continues to support us. Without you, none of this would be possible.  Please view the photos to the right to see more!


In February, 2019, The FOOT Foundation was able to provide helping hands to many children at our Antigua clinic.  The days were long but the smiles make up for the hours of work!  
Two of our Foundation friends decided to make this trip with us.  Ludi and Lissette gave their time, talent and treasure to lend a much needed helping hand to many children at our clinic hospital.  They worked harder than ever imagined, and left feeling lighter on their feet!  It is amazing how a simple act of charity can give you such joy and renewed spirit. 
This was also our son Giovanni's first trip to Antigua.  After proving himself at our city clinic last year, he welcomed the challenge to join us again.  View the photos to the right to see our fruitful trip.   We can't wait to see them all again in the fall.