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In 2015, we were fortunate to discover the IamMore Foundation, a wonderful local community organization. When we found out about their current project, Adulting 101 Webinars, we knew we wanted to help them with this endeavor. This program consists of virtual webinars hosted by professional experts. The curriculum has been inspired by teens requesting to learn more about money management, taxes, insurance, workforce, education, social media, healthy habits, at risk behaviors, and the transition of pediatric to adult healthcare/responsibilities.

The FOOT Foundation is now the official sponsor for the Adulting 101 Webinar. We are grateful to be part of an important program that empowers our local youth, and provides them with vital knowledge and life skills that will help them become autonomous and successful members of our community.



There are amazing individuals in our local community who just try to make a difference any way they can.  Jennifer Chamoun Johnston is one of those people! A local teacher who has focused on special needs and low income, at-risk children, Jennifer is generous and kind in so many ways!  During the COVID pandemic, Jennifer, like many of us, knew that the healthcare workers were so overwhelmed. She decided to make goody bags for local workers to just help bring a smile to their faces. 

The FOOT Foundation purchased an assortment of items on her list to make her goody bag efforts even more successful. We were honored to help, even in a small way, because the healthcare workers are such a treasure to our local community, especially during this time of darkness.

Healthcare Workers.jpg


On July 4, 2020, Three Brothers Pizza in Odessa suffered a devastating fire. Everything was lost in a matter of minutes. This was especially difficult given that Three Brothers is one of the most generous local businesses in the area. They support schools, sports teams, churches and community citizens in need.

Three Brothers has also supported the FOOT Foundation by donating and providing discounted pricing for our catered events. They are a community treasure and we felt a strong desire to give back.

On July 11 and July 12, 2020, our Foundation sold Krispy Kreme donuts at the Three Brothers plaza on the corner of Van Dyke and Gunn Highway. Our drive-thru fundraiser raised $2,000 and absolutely 100% of the money raised was donated to Three Brothers to help them with immediate financial losses. Thank you for the generosity of the community for helping us give back to the owners of this great local business.

Krispy Kreme.jpg
Three Brothers.png


COVID-19 has taken a severe toll on our community. In March, 2020, it became apparent that masks were in severe shortage for the healthcare and front-line essential workers in the community.  Food service workers and the vulnerable population was also at great risk.  This was more than we could bear and we had to take action to help others however we could. Lisa began sewing around the clock, making reusable cloth face coverings and N-95 equivalent masks. Lisa made more than 500 masks for the local community in a matter of weeks.  All supplies and masks were donated by FOOT Foundation. We will continue to help however we see possible to help make this community stronger. Helping humanity will help heal all of our hearts.



So many of us in our area live comfortably.  We are surrounded by others who are healthy and happy.  It can be easy to forget that there are families and children suffering from hunger and poverty all around us.  They are our neighbors, our friends, our community.  You may believe that these problems are far away; you only see the commercials of children in other countries going hungry or homeless.  DON'T BELIEVE IT.  Impoverished children and adults walk among you, EVERY SINGLE DAY.  

The FOOT Foundation was contacted by Jennifer Chamoun, an Exceptional Education teacher at Mort Elementary School.  Mort is a Community School and their Mission is to engage families and partners to provide services that inspire the community to ensure students excel as successful and responsible citizens.  The school is equipped with an amazing food pantry, sponsored by Publix, a clothes closet and other community sponsored projects that enable this school to nurture the leaders of tomorrow.  

The FOOT Foundation wanted to help this classroom of children by providing them with some spring cheer.  Mrs. Chamoun gave us a list of things that the children needed.  Things that most families would not even give a second thought about.  Things that most children have never gone without like soap and washcloths, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and rain ponchos to keep them dry for the 1 or 2 mile walk to and from school in a state with a lot of rainy days.  Wow.  We were blindsided.  We were prepared to hear needs like crayons, school supplies and children's books or toys.  What an eye-opening moment for all of us in this home. 

We, as a Foundation, are so grateful that our family and friends support our ongoing efforts abroad and in the local community.  They trust that we will support those who need it the most.  And this year, it was abundantly clear that these children were more in need than we could have imagined.  We got to work right away.  After hearing a list of all of the most needed items for the children, we asked Mrs. Chamoun if there were any special wants we could also add.  Her response was "well, the kids love to see their name.  Maybe a water bottle with their name on it?"  After purchasing all of the items, we had Giovanni fill the baskets.  He too was amazed at the everyday things that these children went without.


Spring basket prep for Mort Elementary ESE Class


In April 2018, Lisa visited Mrs. Chamoun's ESE class at Mort Elementary.  She met the Principal and the Community Coordinator and was fortunate enough to receive a tour of the school and get a better idea of what they offer their children and families.  It was beautiful to witness.  Our local community is filled with such wonderful and kind organizations who truly make a difference.  Lisa excitedly visited Mrs. Chamoun's class with a spring basket for each and every child in the class.  Yes, we filled them with the necessities, bath soap and sponges, shampoo and brushes, toothpaste and toothbrushes, and personalized plastic water bottles.  But we also included a lot of FUN!  Fun things that children should all have like crayons, paints and bubbles.  Fun things that stimulate the mind and provide for a small moment to escape from reality like books and play dough.  We also added one popular toy in each basket.  A toy that could seem like an add-on purchase for some, but would be a luxury for an impoverished family.  We made the baskets bright, colorful and filled with joy (and of course candy too)!


The reactions were priceless!  High pitched squeals and laughs.  Ooohs and Aaahs over each item. True excitement over their first hair brush.  Most importantly were the children who got in line to show Lisa how well they could read.  It was an amazing, and overwhelmingly emotional day.  Please click on the photos below to see the pictures of that day, and to experience the joy that your support helps us bring to others.



In honor of the Canonization of Mother Teresa, FOOT Foundation chose HOPE Children's Home as the local charity to support. We gathered a wonderful group of families, with giving hearts, to assist us with this task. We felt that, in order to pay homage to the true spirit of Mother Teresa, we needed an element of service along with the donation. We gathered for dinner, a short video about Mother Teresa, and each person received a prayer card, pamphlet and medal. Each family also received a book about the life of Mother Teresa.

On Canonization weekend, we met at the Children's Home to deliver a donation of their most urgent needs. We listened to the mission, and then we all pitched in with a deep cleaning of the Girl's Dormitory Kitchen and Bathrooms. We closed out the day with a tour of the beautiful 55 acre facility. On behalf of the FOOT Foundation, we would like to thank the HOPE Children's Home for allowing us to visit their facility today. We are incredibly thankful to our donors and supporters who continue to help us year after year. Because of you, we are able to do special things like this to help humanity.  Please click on the picture for a slide show of this event.




Please click on the picture to see more photos of our donation to the IamMore Foundation.  We were honored to be able to purchase these much needed items to this deserving cause in Tampa, Florida.  The IamMore Foundation is committed to help reinvent the self identities of children who have been diagnosed with a debilitating physical ailment or medical illness.  We applaud Kat Leibbrandt for her courage and vision, and wish her continued success with her foundation.  Please click HERE to read her thank you letter.




Our youngest son was born at 30 weeks and required care for more than 2 months at this wonderful NICU.  His struggles continue as he was diagnosed with Progressive Mitochondrial Disease.  But we will always be thankful for the care he received during his first few months of life. 

On December 17, 2012, we gave back as a small thank you for all they did for our family.  We hope our donation helps families and babies to feel a little more "at home" during this very difficult experience.  Please click on the picture above to view the photos of this wonderful day.



Please click on the picture to see a slide show of the 2010 Clinic of Angels Event.  We were proud to make a donation to this deserving cause in Tampa, Florida.  Dr. Michael Cichon provides much needed care to individuals whose insurance stops paying long before their treatment has ended.






Our oldest son was a patient at Shriners Hospital in the Speech Therapy Department for nearly two years.  We saw that this department lacked vital supplies and adaptive toys to help all of the children that needed it.  We were happy to donate over $2,000 of new speech therapy equipment to help many children like ours!

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